Why IT is the “it” Industry of America?

Why IT is the “it” Industry of America?

Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!

These words define “rewarding career” comprehensively. Everyone has a career. But a rewarding career is the one that provides financial stability along with emotional satisfaction. The idea of a rewarding career is relative in nature and differs from one person to another. But, there is a career that is considered rewarding by almost everyone. And it is the field of information technology.

Grow with IT Industry of AmericaThere are more than 100,000 IT companies in America that hire over 2 million IT professionals. And more and more people are interested in joining the lucrative Information Technology industry. Know why IT is the “it” industry of America and why it pays to be a part of IT industry:

  • Stable Industry

As Information Technology affects every aspect of modern life, it has always been a growing industry. For the last 20 years, employment in the industry has grown at a rapid pace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT was the least affected industry during recession of 2009. It just lost one percent of its employees/workforce in the year of 2009. However, it recovered quickly and employed higher number of employees (than 2008) in 2010.

Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the IT industry will continue to grow especially in the field of computer systems design and related services.

  • Constantly Evolving

A stagnant industry doesn’t provide chance of growing your career. Also, there remains a possibility of future decrease in employment. But, Information Technology is a constantly evolving industry. The field is ceaselessly developing with newer innovations changing the game every day. Being an IT professional will give you great opportunity to remain at the core of all the revolutionary changes of the IT industry.

  • Heart of Every Business

Several years ago, Information Technology was only useful to military and Government. Today, everyone requires it. A small businessman needs the help of IT industry for establishing a business and running it successfully. Information Technology is even required by businesses to differentiate their products and services. IT has become a basic requirement for every business.

  • Higher Demand

Information Technology is essential to every business. And, the needs of every business are highly customized. However, there is a lack of IT professionals in the market. More so, there are even less number of IT professionals who possess the right skills-set for satisfying the business requirement. Hence, there is always a higher demand for someone who can effectively handle the IT department of a business.

  • Lucrative Job Offers

Lucrative-Job-OffersAccording to the Law of Demand, higher demand and lower supply means higher price. A software developer in America earns close to $95,000 annually. Employment estimates for almost every IT occupation are projected to grow at more than 14 percent. It means you have brighter chances of getting a job and earning well in the IT industry.

IT is the new “it” industry of America and is definitely going to remain one for long time. Become a professionally qualified and well-trained IT professional to get ready for an exciting career.

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