Out-of-the-Box Ways for hiring New Talent

Out-of-the-Box Ways for hiring New Talent

Gone are the days when posting a job listing in the newspaper or using online job boards guaranteed you the best candidates for filling a vacancy in your office. Adding a Career page to the website won’t make the cut as well. Times are changing and with a large number of businesses out there, you need to differentiate yourself in order to hire the best talent.

Creative Staffing Techniques for hiring New Talent

Finding an employee is not a quick-fix. You need to find someone who is the right fit for your business. If you need to find a dedicated employee who is an ideal team player and values the same ethics as you, you need to go above and beyond the usual recruitment tactics. Learn a few creative ways to find the right match for your office:

1. The Social Media Way

You may be using your company’s Facebook page and Linked page to seek new candidates for a particular position. But, go ahead and use your personal profile to find more potential candidates. You can provide referrals for connections, followers and friends so that they make a genuine effort to help you in filling a position. Also, do not forget to ask your employees to share the same. Sometimes, personal, informal messages work better than the routine notifications from business pages.

Alternatively, make your employees your brand and create fun videos to sell your company. By branding your business as a fun and unique place to work, you can find people that are the right fit for you.

2. Get Social Offline

Even though we live in the world of Instagram followers, Facebook likes, and InMail messages, you shouldn’t give up on face-to-face interactions. Most companies simply rely on job fairs to find candidates. But, you need to put in more concentrated efforts. Consider industry conferences and trade shows for meeting new prospects. Do give meet forums such as Meetup.com a try. For example, if you are looking for a tech professional to take care of cloud migration for your business, going to tech meetups may enable you to find talented and quality professionals that are suitable for your work place.

3. On the Move!

A traffic jam may seem like a cause of annoyance to you but you can use it as a marketing tactic to hire new people. If you are in the business of service or delivery, you can use your vehicles to promote the job opening. People looking for job may see your sign and drop in their resumes with the driver. It guarantees optimum usage of the vehicle and allows you to improve visibility in the current times of internet clutter.

Another way to get attention is to use billboards. In 2004, Google put up puzzles on billboards in Silicon Valley and Cambridge. Engineers had to solve the billboard puzzle and make their way through different puzzles to finally land on a Google web page and secure a chance to work with Internet behemoth.

4. You Sponsor; You Win!

It is extremely time-consuming to judge a candidate on each and every skill required to the job successfully. And, to do it for all the different candidates that are interested in your company seems like an impossible task. But, you can test the skills of candidates by sponsoring a hackathon. For example, you are in need of a coder to help you develop new applications for your business, you can sponsor a hackathon and evaluate the skills of potential candidates by asking them to develop programs in a limited time period. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and several other big companies regularly sponsor competitions to hire bright minds of the industry.

5. Start Young

If you need fresh talent for entry-level jobs in your office, this is the best solution with you. You can start paid internship programs to assess a candidate’s skills, knowledge & performance and check whether he will be a good fit for your company in the long-term. Ask the interns to work on a couple of different assignments and evaluate them as you would assess a full-time employee. This way once the interns graduate, you can offer them a job opportunity before anyone else does.

You can connect with local colleges or professors who teach in different schools and universities to find talented grad students who can be a part of your internship program.

Expert Staffing Advice

There are many to hire new blood in the organization. But, you need a dedicated team of staffing experts and recruiters to do the job for you. If you do not have a staffing team in your business or you lack the time to find the best talent on your own, hire a staffing firm to do the job for you. Choose a reputed staffing firm with wide experience of finding the right fit for companies; explain your requirements in detail and get ready for your dream team in no time.

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