How Chatbots are changing the way we Hire

How to use Chatbots for Quick Recruitment

How Chatbots are changing the way we Hire

Robots are taking over the world! And, they are creating a big impact in the HR industry. Chatbots are no longer what they use to be! Today, they can help you in finding the right candidate for the job and ensure a quicker hiring process.

How would you feel if your repetitive, mundane tasks were assigned to someone else and you were left to do meaningful work that you enjoy? Well, that’s how a recruiter should feel about recruitment chatbots! You can make them do the tedious jobs and keep all the important hiring decisions with you.

How Chatbots make Recruitment Easy?

Alan Turing’s prediction of computers having the ability to exhibit intelligent human behavior is becoming a reality for us! With the advent of Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, etc., chatbots are becoming more popular than ever. Even, its use in the recruitment process is becoming more pronounced.

1. Communication is the Key

When a recruiter posts a vacancy on several portals, he is bound to receive multiple responses. It becomes practically impossible to mine through all the resumes and get in touch with every single candidate. It is estimated that more than 60% of the resumes are ignored by recruiters. And, even if you get in touch with a candidate, you need to act quick. If you are late in beginning the hiring process, you may lose out on a talented employee. Recruitment chatbots help you to connect with all the candidates and improve candidate experience making it a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Replace the Traditional Way

Many companies still require the candidates to submit a lengthy application form before beginning the interview. It can increase the span of the recruitment process. Instead, you can use chatbots to have conversations with the candidates and obtain relevant information regarding a candidate’s education, qualification and experience.

You can even use the bots to replace your FAQs. Candidates can directly ask the questions to chatbots and get their queries solved immediately. You can use a chatbot to respond to emails, SMS, online social media messages and even to mine through your organization’s ATS.

3. Scheduling Interviews becomes Easy

Once you have screened the candidates on the basis of the resumes, it is time to schedule an interview. Now, if you are doing it manually, it can become difficult to check the conversations of several candidates and decide the time that is ideal for the parties involved. Instead, you can use a chatbot to schedule interviews on the basis of availability of the candidates. You can lineup the interviews by choosing the most preferred candidates first. It will help you to finish the process quickly!

Are Chatbots out to get your Job?

Sgt. Star, U.S. Army’s official chatbot is a popular example of how effective chatbots are in hiring the right candidates. Mya is another example. But, the question remains: Will chatbots take over your job? Well, chatbots can make your life a whole lot easier. But, in no way, they can replace you. Companies still need a human touch. Chatbots work on logic but you need a human element to understand the aspirations and attitude of the candidates. With the massive use of chatbots in the recruitment industry, your way of working may change but you will definitely not be out of work.

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