Alternative IT Hiring Solutions amidst changing Immigration Policies

Alternative IT Hiring Solutions amidst changing Immigration Policies

Hiring an IT Professional: Easier Said than Done

Hiring in IT is no easy task. As a business, you need IT employees with wide experience and real-time knowledge. There is high demand for IT professionals and it is expected to grow in future.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field of computers and information technology occupations in expected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2016. The industry is expected to add 557,100 new jobs with higher focus on cloud computing and data intelligence. Even though, new jobs are being added regularly, businesses are unable to procure technical talent.

The problem of tech talent shortage is becoming acute with higher scrutiny of H-1B visa applications. Now, American companies are finding it difficult to hire IT professionals from other countries. According to a report by Office of Foreign Labor Certification, businesses seek foreign professionals for the posts of computer systems analysts, computer programmers and other computer-tech related occupations. So, what is the solution to the tech crunch and how to hire the right IT employees for your business.

Alternative Solutions for hiring the Right IT Professional

Now, that the H-1B visa application process is becoming more grueling, more expensive and highly time-consuming, companies are turning to other alternative solutions. They are opting for alternatives that allow them to hire the required tech talent at optimal costs.

1. Hiring Local Talent

Many firms have started ramping up hiring in the US. Hiring local talent and seeking fresh IT professionals from college is one way of dealing with the problem. You can start internships in your offices to connect with college students. Many companies sponsor competitions and hackathons to seek the best minds of the country. Improve your social media game to connect with top IT professionals in America and find one that matches your requirements. Do not cut corners while undertaking training programs for new talent in order to ensure optimum productivity.

2. Outsourcing is the Word

Many businesses are believed to be considering the option of outsourcing their projects to other locations as a possible solution to save costs and obtain access to the best IT talent of the world. Businesses are becoming more open to opening international offices and undertaking mergers to acquire the best foreign talent. Outsourcing companies such as Infosys and Wipro have started opening global delivery centers in South America to combat the issue. It enables the companies to deliver on projects with the help of its “near-shore” team of IT professionals.

3. Adopt a “Virtual” Approach to Work

Advancement in cloud-based services has enabled businesses to hire the right IT talent and ensure efficient working from remote locations. If you do not require the physical attendance of the employee, remote work policy can be beneficial for you. There are tons of apps and software tools that help you to work remotely. You will be able to cut down your costs significantly and also reduce workplace distractions, thus leading to better productivity. It will enable you to hire globally and enjoy a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Don’t burden yourself with IT Hiring Issues

As a business, your sole focus should be on the core functions of the organization. When the political scene of the country is changing rapidly and immigration policies are becoming revolutionary, it is best to let an expert take care of the staffing issues. Involve an experienced IT staffing firm who can help you with hiring of the technical staff. With a staffing expert by your side, you will be able to obtain the best IT talent that matches your budget.

If you are looking for an IT staffing company to help you with hiring issues in your organization, you have come to the right place. Optimal Infosystems is a reputed NJ-based IT staffing firm that caters to the staffing needs of businesses. Let us know your requirements and we will find you the right IT professional in no time.

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